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Your IT Hurricane Preparedness Guide

June 1st marked the beginning of what NOAA is calling an "above-normal" Atlantic hurricane season. Is your business prepared?

It feels like Laura and Delta were only 3 months ago. The damage and devastation is still apparent if you drive through SWLA. Countless people went without power and even water for months following the storms of 2020; and while weather experts are predicting 2021 to be a lighter year for hurricanes, they're still expecting about 13-20 named storms and three to five major hurricanes. We saw several businesses lose operability because they simply weren't set up to deliver service in the midst of a natural disaster such as the ones we faced.

This begs the question, is your business prepared for this season? We figured that amongst the pandemic and hurricane recovery, a few businesses may have had some of their task lists reprioritized for them. If this is the case and you didn't get around to creating a disaster recovery plan, here are a few checklist items to ensure your technology will get you through a severe hurricane.

- Ensure important applications are in the cloud

- Backup your data

- Install backup connectivity for your office or remote employees

- Deploy a collaboration platform like teams or slack for your people

- Deploy a hosted voice service so your phones continue working

Now we know that technology is normally an afterthought during a hurricane, but with enough due diligence on the front end, you can make sure that your business doesn't miss a beat in the case of extended disruption caused by a storm!


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