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We Want to Be Your IT Subscription

We've been talking to a lot of prospects lately that are looking to partner with a new MSP, and a lot of them will tell us that they want to get a few more quotes. We like this. In fact, I like to tell prospects that aren't looking at other MSPs to go talk to a few of them. I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. All of those other MSPs are fine, they do a fine job and keep the lights on for all of their customers and for some businesses, that’s fine. S1 Technology is built differently. The idea of just keeping the lights on TERRIFIES us. We never want to fall into that pattern of complacency. We want to be your entire IT subscription.

In our world, there's two broad categories of IT companies. You've got break-fix reactive providers that will be on standby if something breaks so you can pay them hourly for their help. The other type and the one that's rapidly gaining market share are called managed service providers. This MSP delivery of IT services is intended to be more proactive and more strategic much like an in-house IT team might operate for your business. S1 Technology is a managed service provider that considers itself a cut above the rest. We like to think of our solution as a technology subscription.

In saying that, I mean this: we have spent hundreds of hours curating our solution to perfectly fit the needs of the small business. In these trials, we've determined what security tools are needed, what productivity tools should be used, how the network should be setup, and how to standardize to enable growth. The issue that many other managed service providers run into is that they try to deliver their services a-la-carte and leave it up to the small business owner to decide on what they believe is needed. The reason this gets pegged as an issue is that many business owners and operators might elect to cut a corner or two in the name of saving a buck. I get it, I had a bathroom renovated at our house just recently, and there were legitimately 10 spots where I could've skimped out the build to save the money while slightly compromising the RIGHT way to do it.

This is why we consider the S1 Technology managed services solution a subscription to IT. We've concocted this perfect soup of tools and expertise that allows us to take your business to the next level while simultaneously making IT nearly invisible. Really, that's the way technology should be, it should be at every corner of your business enabling you to do what you do best, but it should rarely get in your way.


Need IT support? Let us take care of your tech, so you can do what you do best!

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S1 Technology is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides a security-first approach to a full range of managed IT services and support for small to mid-sized businesses.


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