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Streamlining Mortgage Company Growth: S1 Technology's Office in a Box Solution

This is a mortgage company that grows by acquisition. This makes standards and speed vitally important when it comes to onboarding new branches and employees. It also make the branch and employee offboarding process crucial to their success. S1 Technology created a standard "office in a box" solution so that the HR director would simply send an email and 3 days later the new branch would be writing new loans for the company. This created a lot of enterprise value for the firm.

How S1 Technology helped a Mortgage Company

In addition, we:

  • Took ticket volume down from 350 tickets per month to 120 tickets per month

  • Took average employee downtime from 39 hours per year to 15 hours per year

  • Increased productivity with teams, planner, and sharepoint

  • Improved IT satisfaction from 68% to 100%.

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