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IT Support for Accounting Professionals and CPAs in Louisiana

Why accounting firms have a lot to gain from hiring a managed IT service provider.

We remain successful for our accounting customers by excelling across three areas: tremendous IT support, industry-aware cybersecurity, and leverage though systems, automation, and software.

From our experience over the years with our customers, we have changed the game on how they do business with their clients by fully utilizing the tools they're already paying for!

Managed IT Services for Accountants and CPAs

At S1 Technology, we specialize in taking care of accountants and CPAs. We support everyone from small firms with a single principal to larger firms with an interstate footprint. We understand how much you value systems that save time and money and keep your client data safe and secure. We know that accuracy matters in all that you do and that IT problems cost your firm serious cash both in and out of busy season.

When we do our job well, we're nearly invisible to our accounting customers. Our mission for your firm is to actively remove problems for you before they come up in a truly proactive fashion. We make sure to take care of the technical stuff while you focus on client acquisition, payroll, tax consulting, and customer service.

Cybersecurity for Accountants - Protecting you and meeting compliance requirements

  • Making your business a hard target

  • Protecting your network with strong perimeter defenses

  • Repelling viruses, malware, and phishing attacks while encrypting sensitive email and client data

  • Reviewing your compliance requirements and develop a plan to meet those needs

We give accounting professionals and CPAs leverage from IT.

Really, this is why our customers do business with us. That is, how do you gain leverage from IT? This is only accomplished by us understanding you and your business and how technology should be used to provide more leverage. We know a lot about IT, that’s the blocking and tackling of what we do. But the leverage piece is about spending time to learn you, understand you, and know your business so we can then help you utilize technology to be more efficient. To be more effective. To sell more. To onboard clients faster. To onboard employees faster. Finding the places where technology is not functioning properly - workflow, process, the way that you operate as a business and helping you gain LEVERAGE over your assets to be more successful.


Need IT support? Let us take care of your tech, so you can do what you do best!

Contact us to learn more!

S1 Technology is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides a security-first approach to a full range of managed IT services and support for small to mid-sized businesses.


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