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IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Guide for South Louisiana Weather

Here in south Louisiana, we recently had two weather events - high wind and rain sorta things. Luckily there was no damage or injury in our area, but situations like this put our team here at S1 Technology on alert.

From our perspective, we want to make sure that our customers are in a fortified position when it comes to technology and we can react quickly in the case of someone's roof blowing off, or power going out, or just having to leave the office quickly to go grab the kids.

The way we plan for events like this start far before a weather system comes onto the radar. It starts when we onboard a business. We put tools in place like local and cloud backups, move applications to the cloud, and make sure that they're set up to support a distributed workforce. Regardless, we know that there are businesses out there that worry about these things so we wanted to put together a little guide. These tips are broken out across two groups: business continuity and disaster recovery.

Business Continuity

  • Buy laptops in the place of desktops when possible. With a docking station, this allows your people to just pick up and bring their workstation home without missing a beat.

  • Deploy Microsoft 365 for your team. This will allow workers to access files remotely through onedrive and Sharepoint and collaborate with teams.

  • Invest in a cloud voice system that can allow your phones to continue to ring.

Disaster Recovery

  • Invest in a strong backup solution that stores your data offsite in the case of a severe weather event or power outage.

  • Install UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) to make sure intermittent power outages don’t shut down your servers or important workstations.

  • Make sure important applications are in the cloud (Quickbooks, quoting software, ERP systems).


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