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How's Your Password Hygiene?

In this new technological world today, we've got passwords for everything. Everything from your email to your thermostat has a username and password. Here are a couple of tips to improve your password hygiene!

1) NEVER reuse passwords

Now I know this seems like a tall order; according to research from NordPass, the average person has 100+ accounts which they login to. Consider using a password keeper like LastPass or BitWarden to keep track and even autofill your passwords on websites.

2) Length and Complexity

According to NIST Security Guidelines, length is actually more important than complexity. We recommend and enforce password policies with our customers that mandate passwords of at least 12 characters. A good way of doing this in such a memorable way is to use passphrases such as "better wombats dominate."

3) Change them every 90 days

Data breaches from big companies are somewhat inevitable. Many times, when that happens, your username and passwords are exposed to the internet or the dark web. The best way to combat this is to change your passwords at least every 90 days. This way, you mitigate the effects of Equifax leaking your passwords to the whole world!

The beautiful thing about passwords in a business setting is that you can enforce password policies like length, complexity, and age on your employees. If you still have questions about passwords or the way that you should be protecting your business, hit us up!


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