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Fire Safety Company

This is a company that knows what good looks like. When we first onboarded them, they had just one person submitting tickets because their previous IT company would bill them each time they called in. This took a high-level employee fully away from the business while they "managed IT". This habit was quickly broken when they realized that S1 Technology does not bill per call or per email or even per on-site visit. They realized that it was quicker to call us immediately upon a problem presenting itself so that we could fix it properly the first time.

S1 Technology helps Fire and Safety Company
  • Automated sales and CRM activities

  • Took average IT support ticket resolution time from 65 hours to 15 minutes

  • Removed over 60 security vulnerabilities in the their environment

  • Implemented Sharepoint, Onedrive, and Microsoft Teams to allow for better collaboration within the business and with partners

  • Took average ticket response down from 6 hours to 3 minutes.

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