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Does My Business Need Microsoft 365?

S1 Technology Blog Does My Business need Microsoft 365

I was talking with the board of a prominent business in our area the other day and this question came up. Instead of answering the question, I told them to sit tight for like 15 minutes while I write this blog.

As I see it, there are 6 huge benefits to adopting the Microsoft 365 stack in your business at a nominal cost each month.

Improve communication

Microsoft Teams is the subject of this point. It's baffling to me that businesses can get by these days without a collaboration platform like teams. Instant messaging, instant file sharing, instant ability to video or voice call. It's included in the license!!

Move files to secure cloud

Most folks that are still considering the move to MS365 need to share files somehow. Most often, this is done with a file server in their office or in the cloud. Either way, both of those options have zero benefits over Sharepoint and OneDrive. These tools allow you to work on files together at the same time on any device. Game changer.

Improve Collaboration - create automation

Microsoft tools like planner, project, and power automate are included in this monthly license as well. We use planner and project at S1 to get sh*t done. They are incredible accountability tools. We use power automate for so many things. My favorite is a receipt scanning tool that let's me take a picture of a receipt and automatically have it populate in our accounting Sharepoint site for expense reporting. Pretty slick.

Business Continuity

Bringing it back to that file server example from earlier, to make that thing redundant and available, you've got to take a lot of steps and spend a lot of money to make sure it's perpetually confidential, available, and maintains integrity. When you get Microsoft 365, that's all just handled for you automatically.

Automatic Patching and upgrading

In the past, the Microsoft Office tools needed to be patched and manually upgraded. Microsoft Office 365 solves that issue forever with automatic upgrades and patching.

Consistent budget and spend

At the time of writing this, the Microsoft 365 license I'm talking about is about $12.50/user per month. There are no other surprise fees. Writing this all out, it almost seems silly to choose anything other than MS 365.


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