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Revitalizing Doctor's Office IT: S1 Technology's Game-Changing Solutions

This doctors office had many physicians with a large number of nurses and support staff. Before we onboarded them, they were constantly fighting with broken a broken EMR system due to server issues. They were constantly missing email correspondence because of mismanagement of the exchange server and had a data breach scare just a month before partnering with S1 Technology.

How S1 Technology Helped a Doctor's Office

Once we onboarded them we:

  • Reduced physician annual unproductive hours by 60%

  • Reduced ticket response time from 49 hours to 3 minutes.

  • Reduced ticket resolution time from 6 days to 22 minutes

  • Improved operational maturity level from 2.1 to 4.6 in one year

  • Reduced overall IT spend by $4k per year providing better support

  • Improved IT customer satisfaction from 41% to 99%

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